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    msconfig for WIN 2000

    I was wondering if Windows 2000, has a "msconfig" command line like in Win98. I have a lot of small applications running in the back ground, but I don't know how to make them stop loading at startup. Thanks, Tim
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    Networking Printers

    Yes the printer is shared. I have that printer on my list of printers. Just seems that (IPC$) is giving me the problem. I don't know what password it's looking for. Where do I find the password. I have tried all of the user passwords that I have and they won't work. Thanks Tim
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    Networking Printers

    I am trying to connect to a printer on my local intranet. When I go through (Add Printer) I browse, and find the computer that has the printer. When I try to access it, windows acces for a password. The connection path says \\Kenner\IPC$ I don't know what IPC$ is??????? There are two...
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    File Copy

    I recently backed up a Microsoft Access file. I formatted my domputer and reinstalled all software. I am trying to copy the file back to it's source directory. I am getting this Error messeage. (Cyclic Redundancy Check) Is there another way to copy this file to where I need. Thanks Tim
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    Yea, I have formatted the drive several times, I just got it back running good. I have uninstalled the drive, and it finds it, so I install the driver. everything is there, just donsn't play the sound. It looks like it is playing it but nothing comes out. don't understand.
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    Already downloaded the softpaq, Thats how I got the driver, I upgraded a friends computer, over the weekend, and the sound driver was not there, so I copy the softpaq from my compter to his, and it worked. Don't understand. Do you think that it might be a hardware problem. I called compaq...
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    Thanks for the reply, I tried that, but is does not offer many options. Everything looks right, when I go to the control panel, and go to sounds, and try to play a sound, It looks like it is playing it, but know sound comes out. The driver that I have is a (VIA AC'97 Audio Controller (WDM)...
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    Having trouble with my sound card. I have a compaq 1200XL500. Upgraded from Windows ME to Win2000. The driver is there but know sound will come out. I uninstalled the driver, while it was reinstalling the driver, it popped up saying that the card had been turned off in the bios, is there any...
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    2K security

    How can I prevent people from right clicking on applications in Windows 2K. Any help?
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    Compaq notebook 1200 driver

    looking for a modem, and sound card driver for a compaq presario notebook 1200. Had some problems with Windows, me, so I upgraded to Windows 2000, but can not find the drivers for my sound card, and modem. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.
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    CD Rom in Safe mode

    Is there any way to load my CD Rom drive in safe mode?
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    Mcafee Install Error

    Downloaded Mcafee Webscan, didn't like it, so I want to install Mcafee Virus Scan, from my CD. When it starts in install, It keeps bringing me to the maintance wizard. I click to modify, and it start, then say's that the wizards was interupted, and will not install the program. Has anyone seen...
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    not responding

    Well, that virus is seriously affecting my laptop. I have done what they said to get rid of the virus in the (c:_restore) folder. The old backup files seemed to have been deleted. I scan my computer from the Mcafee web site, and found no virus. But now, when I try to sign on to AOL from my...
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    not responding

    For some reason my system Windows ME continues to freeze up! Can anyone shed some light. Also does anyone know what this is for (msgsrv32), when trying to sign on to AOL, AOL will not responding, and this will be be in the close program window as not responding as well.
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    Windows ME Virus

    Thanks for your help.