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  • Hi tomcat
    IAm looking for a bit of advice, on what the best Wifi router to buy.
    I need something to reach 2-300 meters.... Taking into consideration there is solid walls all around the building.
    Can you advise me on how best to set this up. Thanks for your time.
    Hi Tom. Having a problem using my tor, not sure if it is a linux thing or tor thing. Simply, when i put the mouse in the search engine box or url bar and hit the keys, it is like i am not hitting the keys - the keys/ letters don't register with the tor browser. But the keys work fine with firefox.
    I redownloaded it and tried it again but still same problem. I posted it in networking but not getting a response. Have you ever heard of this happening in linux?
    Thank again T,
    Hi Tom,
    its been a long time but was wondering can you help me out with a problem ..... i have a pc belonging to a friend and i have internet connection but wen I try to open internet it says (cannot display dis page) wen i ping I get a reply... I tryed deleting cookies and Iv tryed to restore but with no luck..... any suggestions??? thanks in advance.
    Hi tom,
    Have you any ideas on some really good security for my Wamp and Lamp server project? if so let me no and i can research it thanks a million.
    Hi Tomcak,

    You were helping me out with this website - and you were talking about the "canvas"? I'm not that good with the code and I was just pulling it from my older sites... can you tell me what line I need to change to make sure it shows the titles?


    sorry for the dumb questions
    HI Tomkat,
    Thanks very much for taking the time to post the explanation about anchors. Very clear.
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