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    1. mookie4217
      Hey I ran into the same problem with the eternal restart loop on my comp. Did you ever get it fixed? any suggestions on how to get the data off my hard drive? removing the HD and connecting it via usb/IDE cable to another computer renders it unrecognizable. help if you can
    2. AntoineZ
      RE: page_fault_in_nonpaged_area

      I had the same problem on my HP Pavilion laptop, unable to restore from the Manufacturer supplied disk. Unable to run install from an update OS vista disk. I spent close to half an hour with HP tech support. The resolution they offered was to ship the laptop to restore the software at a cost of $150.00 since my warrantee expired.

      The hint I took from that was to reformat my hard disk, using an XP disk. And then tried to restore from HP original distribution disk. This seems to resolve my problem.
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