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Jan 27, 2006
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29, from Minnesota

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Jan 1, 2016
    1. Prinnylynn
      Ok, if you pop by my page you have to leave a message, those are the rules! LOL..HOw are you?
    2. tesugu
      Wordsmith - I NEVER would have thought that you would have had any trouble with reading!
      Your spelling and word usage is fantastic!!!
      That was hard work by both yourself and DH! All the best with tractor driving LOL
    3. ivan11
      hi i have a pronlem on my vista computer can you help me
    4. ivan11
      hi i have a problem on my compter can you help me
    5. Prinnylynn
      Hey you..:P
    6. Prinnylynn
      Hey..hope you are well..
    7. grandma77
      I let him read our conversation...He doesn't see many kids doing archery around here. I set him up in our backyard ... he has lost a few arrows in the back of our property...my hubby is getting a lot of the back cleared now so I told him to look for some arrows while he is back there.
    8. grandma77
      You started at 4...or is that a joke? My eleven year old grandson got an archery set two years ago and he loves it. But we only let him have the arrows that are dull at the end. When he is older we will let him try others...just don't need any added excitement like arrows in the foot right now
    9. grandma77
      I looked at your album...glad I am not your target:D You are a good shot.
    10. wordsmith
      Yes, I do agree he has helped me a lot through the years; almost 37 of them. Now he wants me to learn how to drive our tractor. I have never learn to drive a stick and I'm afraid I'll ruin the transmission!! Even our 250 is an automatic.
    11. nath dog95
      nath dog95
      hey im new how do u play aoe2 vs
    12. wordsmith
      Hi: I agree about thanking a soldier if I can read this. But the part about a teacher I have a problem with. You see I graduated from high school without being able to read. Well you say how was that possible? I did a lot of guessing and somehow got through. It wasn't until after I was married and my hubby realized that I couldn't read a newspaper that he bought me a dictionary and helped me learn to read. I still have a dictionary near me at a times.
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