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    Need Batch File Help

    Did you try this? systeminfo >> systeminfo.txt 2>nul
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    Laptop uploading/downloading in background and sluggish operation

    Whenever online, my laptop often downloads and/or uploads in the background for no apparent reason (I can see this using Internet connection monitoring SW). Also, the laptop operation seems sluggish. I compared my hard drive sequential read/write speeds against a baseline obtained when I first...
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    Downloading Manager

    You may also want to try flashget. It's free and does a good job.
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    Reputable dealer?

    Don't deal with pc-infinity. They have a terrible reputation. I was ripped off from them and I am now challenging the charges. I never received my order from last year. Check or
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    snapshot program

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    Window Washers :)
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    Best Music PLayer

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    Changing format from fat to htfs

    Floppy disks use only the FAT12 file system regardless of the sytem used for the hard disk. In other words, you can't change the file system for a floppy. See this article for more info: Floppy File Systems
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    In addition to spyware cleaner programs such as Ad-aware and Spybot S&D, you can prevent spyware from ever reaching your computer by using SpywareBlaster. Also you could also use a browser that has a built-in popup blocker such as MyIE2, Avant, Mozilla, or Opera. MyIE2 and Avant use the IE6...
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    what is the best registry cleaner?

    I've used JV16 for a few years now, but switched to RegSeeker recently since JV16 went shareware. It's very fast compared to JV16. I highly recommend it.
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    Must Have Apps?

    Spybot S&D SpywareBlaster Adobe Reader Winzip XNews PopPeeper TextPad Opera Mozilla MightyFax PowerOff DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) Pins (Password Manager) ieSpell QCD (Quintessential Player) Paint Shop Pro FileSync
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    Recommend an Uninstaller ...

    I am using Win98SE right now and have Zone Alarm running. I have not had a problem with it ever. I also have WinXP Home on another computer with Zone Alarm. I have uninstalled Zone Alarm with no problems. However, I have had issues with Norton products. Have you ever tried to uninstall...
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    Recommend an Uninstaller ...

    Slipe made many good points and provides solid information. Yep, I agree Go-back and CleanSweep are good programs, but I don't like the fact that they run in the background, taking up system resources. Total Uninstall is not designed to run in the background, but only as needed. I'm sure that...
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    Spybot S&D Updates

    New definitions for download are available for Spybot S&D dated Sept 13, 2003.
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    Recommend an Uninstaller ...

    Yes, in most cases that would be all you needed, especially if you don't constantly experiment with software. Although other freeware tools exist to take care of leftover dlls, folders, etc., they usually are not needed if you only occasionally uninstall software programs. However, like I...