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Oct 20, 2011
Jul 28, 2007
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from Oregon

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Oct 20, 2011
    1. illmay
      Tufenuf is Ruff -n- Stuff!
    2. illmay
      i just wanted to say thank you i had that problem with the folder name not showing in thumbnail view on one
      of my external hard drives you're fix.... well fixed it, so thank you i had this happen on 2 drives and now i can fix it on both great!

      Thanks Lee Mayzo
    3. asuss06
      thanks for the reccomendion to download Tweak UI. it fixed all my mouse sensitivity problems! thanks again!
    4. tabatha_magic
      Hi tufenuf, could you possibly help me with the page rippling, many thanks tabatha
    5. oldguy74
      Hi! Tufenuf,sorry I don't seem to be able to pick your message up,as I am not realy computer literate,I would be very pleased if you can help.
      Thanks. oldguy74
    6. sinnerT
      Thank you, Tufenuf , thank you, very much. That worked.
    7. BearCreekZeke
      I wanted to sincerely thank you for your willingness to help others. Based on one of your past posts, I was able to fix one of my computers at work which was unresponsive. Even though the task bar and start menu appeared to be functional, no programs would open. I used one of your tips about editing the registry to "unfreeze" the computer. Although I don't know what I really did, I followed your step by step instructions and solved the problem. Thank you again for your benevolence. There will be a special place in heaven for you, I am sure.
    8. hdb
      Thanks!!! task bar's back to normal
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