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    Where can I buy inexpensive custom built PC with Win2000 installed - NOT XP

    You can always try I've been using them for years. But then again they are located in the Vancouver, Canada area so a tad far from where you are.
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    USB Breakdown

    Hey guys, thanks for the welcome. Before I do any of the above mentioned things I'll let you know what I've already tried. I reinstalled windows a couple days ago. Did a low level format of the hard drive. Overboard I know but there wasn't that much on the system yet as it wasn't that long...
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    USB Breakdown

    I've spent the last few days trying to find out whats going on. It all started out with my sandisk sansa mp3 player stop connecting to my desktop. I plug it in and nothin. Then I found out that the external USB drive I have doesn't want to show up in my "My Computer". For the external...