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    Funny thing that keeps popping up

    I've got this "~" that keeps popping up on my desktop under the blue webpage symbol. What is this? Is it spyware? I keep deleting it, and it keeps coming back. Type of file File Description ~ Size 246 KB Location C:\Windows\desktop HELP!
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    Windows XP Dual processor

    This should be an easy question for youz guys and ladies. Is there dual processor support in XP? Is a dual processor motherboard with SCSI faster than a single processor with XP? Thanks
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    Startup Getting Rid of XP message on startup

    Thanks, it didn't work. I used a Windows 98 startup disk, at the a:\ prompt I wrote sys C:, it said system transferred after a minute or so, I rebooted, but the dual selection still came up. I tried to find the XP boot files, with "find," but couldn't find them. What can I do next? Thanks
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    Startup Getting Rid of XP message on startup

    I installed Win XP. I found my Yamaha writer, speakers and creativelabs dvd player no longer worked without upgrade $$ or there was no upgraded software available. So I unistalled XP and now can't get rid of the Start Win XP message or Win 98 message on startup of Win 98. HOW CAN I RID...