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    Op system reassigned c: drv to different letter - will not boot windows

    I had a dual boot of Vista and 7 on the same hard drive. I used Acronis Disk Imager and cloned the 7 install to a second unused hard drive. This resulted in being unable to boot to Win 7. I used one of the command lines linked below to repair/rewrite the mbr and all is fine; I'm able to boot to...
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    Solved: Time/Clock Problem

    All I can think of is be sure your time settings and location haven't changed on your pc.
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    multiple BSOD win32k.sys

    There is 32 bit and 64 bit installs. Do you mean x86 based? x86 is 32 bit. If running 32 bit, try installing the original RAM only and see if you have the errors; my thinking is incompatible RAM. You may also want to try removing the 2 x 512 banks and try the 2 x 1gb only. ============= To...
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    Windows 7 - Connected To Network But No Internet

    Have you tried a different RJ45 cable? Does your pc work 'wired' in another room? Any errors in the Device Manager?
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    Anyone help, feels like my laptop is slowly dying

    I assume joeten was seconding my post. Did you try disabling Norton?
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    USB problem. Help? =o

    ?... so have you tried disabling Win Config Utility and going with the router software only?
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    USB problem. Help? =o

    First thing I'd try; chances are you have a 3rd party utility handling your wireless as well as Win 7's native wireless configuration utility. Disable/remove the one you don't use.
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    Anyone help, feels like my laptop is slowly dying

    I mentioned previous; do you have updated chipset drivers installed? Also, I would still try disabling Norton 360 just to see if that is causing the issue. If you're concerned about protection, disable the internet connection just for the sake of seeing if 360 is the problem. Uninstall those...
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    Solved: nvidia not loading

    I suggest you never use Windows Update to install drivers. Win Update can at times mis-read the hardware installed, particularly when you have a proprietary hardware component installed such as a video card made for Dell, HP or a 3rd party company that is using the nVidia chipset, Windows Update...
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    Anyone help, feels like my laptop is slowly dying

    How much RAM in your pc? Win 7 and Norton 360 will demand quite a bit of resources. Check the Acer site for updated chipset drivers.
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    The operation failed, an object cannot be found

    Some internet providers are changing their email server settings, Verizon for one. check with your ISP (internet service provider) as to the proper port settings. Their should be something in their 'email setup' tutorials on the support sites.
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    Anyone help, feels like my laptop is slowly dying

    From your post I get the impression that things were starting to falter prior to the upgrade to Win 7. If you upgraded and didn't perform a new clean install, you basically repainted an already dented fender. Have you run spyware scans and deleted temprorary junk files? See below: CCleaner...
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    Thanks for replies...but STILL n Browser He**!

    Was the recovery media made while the pc was displaying the odd behaviors you speak of? I am not registered as a qualified malware tech on this forum; therefore I can't diagnose any logs that I suggest you post. First things first; from your post it appears you don't have all the needed...
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    A daft question

    Look for a windows.old folder on the C:\drive
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    Firefox removed the bookmark after deleteing AppData folder

    Just a thought. If you have another computer around I assume that you accessed many of the same websites from that machine; thus you can backup those bookmarks and reinstall to FireFox. You may even have many of the bookmarks on another browser, same machine.