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    dvd recognized but won't open up

    DVD is recognized by the computer but won't open up when clicking on eject or pressing button. When pressing the button on the drive, the light is on but won't open. Also, I used a paper clip to open the drive. What could the problem be? Thanks.
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    Laptop won't boot

    Found out that the hard drive has failed. I tried to boot from dvd with a windows 10 disc but it won't seem to boot from the dvd. I wanted to try to use the repair option so I could access some documents from the hard drive. Any suggestions? I am trying to get documents off the hard drive...
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    keyboard and mouse not working at boot up

    I performed an upgrade to windows 10 and had some difficulty with usb ports and my blu-ray drive not working. I then decided to restore back to previous OS. The restore brought me back to Windows 10 again(possibly the upgrade version) and my blu-ray drive seemed to be working. I still had...
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    Blu-Ray drive does not show up on restart

    I performed a clean install of Windows 10 Home. The drive does show up as an icon until I restart. If I shut down and start up again, the drive does show. However, when I restart, the icon is gone and media will not be recognized. If I boot from the Windows 10 dvd, the icon shows up again. Then...
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    dell xps 200 won't boot

    Thank you for your help, it worked.
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    dell xps 200 won't boot

    When booting, I get an error message: missing file: system32\hal.dll. Also, when I try to boot from dvd, I get a message that there is a failure. The dvd drive is recognized in the bios and I tried an extertnal drive also without success. i recently upgraded from xp to vista but all was...
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    computer beeps continuoudly

    My computer will not respond after being on for some time (nothing appears on screen). When I shut down and restart, there is one continuous beep and the computer will not start up. After awhile, the computer will start up normally then unresponsive again. Thanks for helping.
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    Solved: computer shuts down without warning

    Corsair tx750
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    Solved: computer shuts down without warning

    Hope this is what you need. *Operating System* *System Model* Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) (build 7600) Install Language: English (United States) System Locale: English (United States) Installed: 11/10/2012 8:02:20 AM Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Z68A-D3H-B3 Enclosure Type...
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    Solved: computer shuts down without warning

    My computer shuts down without warning at times. It will boot up and stay on for days or weeks without any problem then will start to turn off without warning. When it does shut down, it will not boot up right away but after 10-15min. it will boot up. I'm thinking it is the power supply but...
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    Trouble copying Blu-Ray & DVD's

    Can you specify what you mean by type of DVD's? I am trying to copy rented movies and have been succesful on other computers that I own except for a particular one. It seems that it has to be a prblem with the computer. Thanks.
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    Trouble copying Blu-Ray & DVD's

    Thanks. Your suggestions make sense. I will try your suggestions.
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    Trouble copying Blu-Ray & DVD's

    My computer shuts down when trying to copy Blu-Ray & DVD movies. I have used DVDFab, Leawo, & Aiseesoft programs without success. I have both a SSD & SATA drives where the software is installed on the SSD and the files are copied to the SSD when using these copying programs. The copying software...
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    Internet access

    I am running Windows 7 home premium, 64bit. My trouble is that I can only connect to the Internet via a browser. Any updates that require Internet connection when outside the browser will not work. I am also experiencing the need to obtain certificates for every untrusted site, which may explain...
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    trying to reformat HP Pavillion slimline

    I am trying to install XP on a partitioned drive. I don't have recovery discs and pressing F10 at startup doesn"t work. I already reinstalled XP once but the hard drive was partitioned with the letters H and I. How can I change these to C and D. I am willing to reinstall XP again if It will fix...