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    Wireless Adaptor help

    have you tried restarting your computer after installing the software to see if this fixes the issue?
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    Cant access Microsoft Word or documents?

    have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling microsoft office?
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    Need help with Vaio laptop

    nope, just seeing if we could determine what might have caused it to stop working
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    Need help with Vaio laptop

    when was the last time the computer was working. what happened when it stopped working?
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    Need help with Vaio laptop

    okay, you can go to the microsoft website, and download the file there, then you will need to install that onto a blank disc. you should be able to use the oem code that should be located at the base of your pc
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    Need help with Vaio laptop

    okay, do you have another PC? you will need an install disc with windows on it to be able to reinstall. please note that data from the HDD will be lost
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    Need help with Vaio laptop

    just using the power button you can power off then power back on, alternatively scroll accross to exit, and exit without saving changes. where there any discs inserted in the disc tray?
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    Need help with Vaio laptop

    remove any discs in the disc drive, then restart computer
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    Need help with Vaio laptop

    scroll accross to boot, and show me what is there if that is okay. looks like the Hdd is okay
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    Need help with Vaio laptop

    sounds like you could either have a software or hardware issue. when you start up your pc, tap the F2 key, until bios opens up. do you see a device for your HDD?
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    Who Helped Spark Your Computer Interest?

    so in grade 10, our task was to attempt to hack our school network. if we suceeded, we would get an 'a' for the subject. i didnt really succeed in doing this, but instead destroyed the pc - that was running linux. pretty much i thought if i was able to disconnect the computer from the network...
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    Solved How to Make Tumblr side links open in same tab?

    ive just tested your code. it seems to be working normal for me? what browser are you using to test this?
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    Solved Lost Website Details

    when you go into system restore, there should be an checkbox that says something along the lines of show more restore points. this might be able to help you.
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    Web issue

    are you able to post a screenshot of the message? what type of file are you trying to download?