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    Need help with port forwarding!! Plzz

    Really need help with port forwarding with a dynamic ip :#
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    Need help with port forwarding!! Plzz

    Okay so.. I have a BSNL broadband that is configured as dhcp (I haven't purchased a static ip yet) . I was told that port forwarding through a dhcp isnt possible at all and I need to buy a static ip. but I really really really want to port forward , tcp/udp. I have a dlink modemn with 2730u...
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    MSI Laptop purchase advice

    Hey guys , was purchasing a gaming laptop ... wanted advice Heard a lot bout MSI so I decided to opt for it... I am into video editing (adobe after effects cs6,etc ) so my main requirements are quick rendering capability and excellent graphics. Overall I need a pretty powerful machine , I value...