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    Zoom virtual background locked on iPad

    Thank you. I will re-check my settings & will try zoom support again My last attempt said they were unable to provide hands on help due to the virus. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day!
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    Zoom virtual background locked on iPad

    Yes and still unable to be seen in mtg. Yesterday could not even show virtual background pic. Thank you.
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    Zoom virtual background locked on iPad

    When I initially set up zoom with my iPad Pro, I used virtual background with me in front. Now I can only get background without me in the picture. When I click off virtual background I get a dark grey screen only. I have deleted app & installed again, but no change. I attend at least 3 meetings...
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    iPad Pro problem after update

    Last week I installed update, version iOS 12.0. Ever since the iPad just starts clicking photos without using the photo app. Clearly out of nowhere, and intermittently. Also, many times the keyboard is not visible on screen, unable to bring it up so cannot enter text. This is not fixed after I...