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    Monitor + HDTV, Different Resolutions?

    Yeah... after playing around a bit with it, I kinda figured as much. Thanks for confirming it though, at least now I know that I could stop trying to force it to do what I want it to do. I guess I can just change the settings when I want to use the big screen and switch it back when I'm done.. a...
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    Monitor + HDTV, Different Resolutions?

    Hi, I always either used a monitor, or a TV as a monitor, but never tried to hook up both at the same time.I just moved one of our PCs to the bedroom, and I have two options. My wife wants to use our standard 19" monitor with a max resolution of 1280x1024. I want to use the 40" HDTV with a...
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    Graphics Card Power Issue

    Not all power supplies are created equal. It would greatly help if you could list what power supply you purchased. But there are hundreds of power supplies out there that come with two or more 6-pin PCI-E connections. Maybe you could return your current power supply for a new one. But first...
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    sli trouble

    Hi, 2x HD 4870's would be about the same performance as 2x GTX 260's (216). They would change performance positions depending on what game your playing. The resolution your playing at will also effect which set-up would come out ahead. The GTX 260 (216 cores) would win more times then not, but...
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    Just another "what to buy" question

    You realize that you will need memory for this new set-up? Anyway, here are my recommendations... you budget is $750... this comes to $700. The extra $50 would be wasted in my opinion. Buy this Motherboard/CPU combo :
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    CPUs i can upgrade to from AMDX2 3800+?

    It looks like you have a Compaq Presario SR2177CL Desktop PC. The motherboard looks to be an ASUS A8M2N-LA . This is an ASUS subcontracted motherboard made for HP. HP's name for the board is: NodusM3-GL8E. I found this site that lists some compatible CPU models...
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    Is self-build worthwhile? What do you think?

    I only owned one pre-built system in my lifetime. I was happy with it for a while, then decided to upgrade some things and found out fast that the internal components used were sub-par with limited upgrade paths. After that I decided to build my own. I read and researched.. found forums such as...
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    silent pc case

    Case speakers are not a problem, they can be had for cheap... They sell speakers that attach to your motherboard just like any other case speaker, It is attached to short, stiff wires and it just sits off of the motherboard.... something like this (did a quick search for an example, This is kind...
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    New Computer Components

    I want to add that the build I did is only one option of many. You can always downgrade the CPU and upgrade the Graphics card. Most games don't need mega CPU power, but they will need mega GPU power. You can also go with an Intel based build instead of an AMD based build. So there are many...
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    New Computer Components

    That Antec EarthWatts is a very solid power supply and will handle the system. The Power supply was reviewed by a trusted site that reviews many power supplies. They gave it a 9 out of 10 on the final score. You can find that four page review Here. The HD4850 will draw a max of 150 watts...
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    Need help with compute upgrade

    Compiler pretty much summed it up. That Nvidia Quadro graphic card you have is designed for business applications , for dual monitors for using spreadsheets and such. To put it in perspective, the Quadro NVS 290 is based off of a G86 GPU, which is what is in the Nvidia 8400GS. But, it has some...
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    New Computer Components

    Hi, Several suggestions.... The DVD drive you picked out is IDE interface (the big old ribbon type), your better off going with a SATA interface. for a few more dollars you can get a SATA DVD burner. The case you picked does not have adequate air circulation and will cause your hardware...
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    Solved: How to conect the PCI-e card to laptop!!!!!??

    First off, there is no such thing as a stupid question.. this is how we all learn. I thought that ASUS was doing something with this in the past, like early 2008 or something, with their "XG Station". Then it just disappeared into thin air. I think they sold them over seas for a bit, but it...
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    Any suggestion for upgrades

    Hi klizz586, First, Here is the link to your motherboard... And here is the link to find out the CPUs supported for that motherboard...
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    AMD - Intel for gaming

    it comes down to your budget really. Give us the amount you put aside for a CPU and we can better direct you to a suitable processor. AMD is just as stable as Intel at stock speeds. If anyone tries to tell you different, then they are not the person you want to be taking advice from. If you...