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    Solved: where can we find the serial key in XP system?

    All this talk of it being illegal and we don't allow it :eek: Take a look at the top of the screen ........... an advert for software to find any key :confused: Seems strange to condone it , then advertise it I know there are dodgy reasons to ask for the keys
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    Solved: Show Windows XP extensions without renaming them

    open a folder , tools folder options ,view, select hide extensions for known file types click apply alick ok that will hide the .doc etc oops will have to read the question properly next time you want to show that bit
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    send to or a free bit of software
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    Solved: Removing my name from laptop

    Change name of computer back up the reg first or make a restore point then 1/ Click the Start Button 2/ From the Start menu click Run 3/ In the Run dialog box type: regedit 4/ The Registry editor will now open 5/ Navigate to the following key...
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    HElp me and my mouse!

    If you have an optical mouse ,change or remove the mouse mat They don't like certain colours
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    Is there a way to get a copy of xp if you own it on a laptop

    it's possible and legal
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    Help to delete undeleteable folder/files

    I used this freebie
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    I can't erase a .mpg file, what's going on?

    try this free one got rid of mine when the same thing happened
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    Cannot Delete a folder from Desktop

    I've used this free software to delete a file which would not go no matter what I tried DelinvFile 2.02 if you are absolutely sure the one called pics is no longer wanted
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    Program List Fills Desktop

    you could also use this free software to tidy the list up into groups
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    Gateway/Windows XP

    I used this free driver back up I run the program and saved all the drivers to a new folder ,then burned that folder to cdr worked a treat on my daughters pre installed system which only had a recovery partition that went...
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    Missing BROUSEUI.dll file found an answer there
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    Ugly Stuff!

    try looking here hkeycurrent user/software/microsoft/windows/current version/internet settings/zone map/domains not sure if it's spybot or one of the others puts them there ? if I'm correct they are blocked sites
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    How to make my Desktop icons "disappear"

    yep I got a little white cloud by the clock click it ,icons gone ,click again icons back
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    How do I remove an item from msconfig? free tool to remove the name from msconfig after using frank4d's method if it's still there