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  • Thanks, Wino! I'll get her heart checked out Monday. I remember you putting Chance down. Condolences again. I'm sure it still feels like yesterday. I got my mattress on the floor! (LOL) They both, Lilly and Fritz, lay on it with me or without me. Kind of crowded at times. Most of the time Lilly, when it gets too crowded, hops into the recliner. Fritz has an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure, so I give him 60mg of CoQ10 (which is big in Japan for chf), and I give the same dose to Lilly just as a preventive. CoQ10 energizes the heart muscle among other things. CoQ10 is big in Japan for CHF.
    I tried stopping the phenol for the last couple of days, but she started going into a seizure state this morning. She didn't want to eat, and wouldn't lick the honey out of the bowl. I squirted the honey down her throat, and then had to give her the phenol, 50mg. The paws started twitching, like mild electric shocks, and then the head. She was already disoriented, mildly, but was headed for trouble. Half hour later she was normal.

    Thanks again Wino! I'll have her heart checked out Monday. I'm taking her in for a blood test.

    Check out Pete Egoscue's Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Healing Chronic Pain. Slow T'ai Chi also helps.
    I've got champagne on ice, so O better win or it will cost me a fortune to keep it iced until 1/1/09.
    It's also has a crescent and star, besides the hammer & sickle, plus the red, white and blue - if you put your pointer on the picture in my album (right side, left click on bad attitude coyote) you'll find out 'whass uuuppp'!. LOL:D The picture name tells it all.(y)
    You mean she is gonna get more clumsy.. haha... and she does think shes a lap dog but at 9 or 10 pounds thats ok.. at 60 or 70 we might have a problem :) I cant seem to get her to stop teething on things. Shes got 100 toys and she perfers me or my shoes or my clothes... a smack usually just makes her think im playing.
    Bea's feet are huge, I realize shes going to be a Big Dog. Vet says she was 3 pounds overweight at 6 weeks, yet i can see her ribs, makes me wanna feed her more, but I dont. The poor girl just cant walk 4 steps with out tripping over her own feet. Its so cute :)
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