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    Best Looking Auto?

    I am a lambo person all the way. I love the photos of cars in this, not quite sure what to make of it.
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    Should the Internet have Borders?

    I want the internet to be autonomous and a government in and of itself made up of only policy that supports its complete freedom and proliferation. So no - it shouldn't have borders. It should stand ahead in its globalized nature.
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    The Internet meets Cable TV

    Yes - I am, realized I didn't post the name. Had you already known about it?
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    The Internet meets Cable TV

    I feel like this does a good job of making it seem like you're still watching TV - but it's internet content so no commercials. For some strange reason, I really like the concept of channels and shows, even if it is, ultimately, internet content. Basically just free curation, I suppose. I'm...
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    Win an HP Envy

    Sometimes I wish that I didn't have to buy all these expensive after-market components just to make the sound quality on my laptop hold true to the music I like. It'd be nice to just have that work in the first place, amiright? I'm working with HP on this contest where you could win an HP Envy...
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    Cool Stuff on YouTube

    well, they got my vote... er... goat... I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever given to a charity before…but this video actually inspired me:
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    New Joke / Humor thread #6

    :D Ah youth. For anyone who has ever had a cable guy not show up during the window promised:
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    Post your Christmas gift ideas here

    I saw a movie over Thanksgiving weekend that I think would make a good gift, it's called "Outsourced" and was an uplifting comedy about a man whose job is outsourced to India and he must go there and train the department and his own replacement. It's a comedy and a romance, reminded me a little...
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    Star Wars trumpet and ... interpretive dance

    Here’s the lovely Stacy Hedger’s rendition of the Star Wars theme on the trumpet, talent show style: Star Wars trumpet dance At least it wasn’t the tuba.
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    my problem is I'm not coordinated enough to play this

    I thought this was neat: Levelhead It's the kind of thing I could never play, though. Not coordinated in that way. It's cool to see the Wii spurring new controller designs, but I think I just do best with typed commands in the end. That's my kinda gaming.
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    IT Jobs For Felons ?

    Yeah, but there is always a way to make your education make money for you, don't be frustrated if it's hard road. Everyone deserves work privledges.
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    What happens when you put an ipod in a turkey fryer?

    Let's find out:
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    is this a good USB headset?

    I did get the headset, I'd give it a 4.5/5. Works as promised, and durable. As a result, I have a discount code I thought I would pass it along. It's FREESHIP and works for free shipping and 10% off either the bluetooth car kit or headset/mp3 player.
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    is this a good USB headset?

    I'm looking for something with good sound quality that's in the $30-$45 range. So far I've found this: which looks like exactly what i want, anyone used anything by OTTO?
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    voice recognition

    Huh, I dunno either. This isn't a great thing to say in response, but you should get version 9 because there's a huge difference between 8 and 9 I guess. Mostly that you don't need any training time on 9, it works stragith out of the box. I found another review...