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    What is the BEST PC game EVER????

    oppps sorry for double post
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    What is the BEST PC game EVER????

    1GB... unless u wana play it maxed out
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    What is the BEST PC game EVER????

    1GB... unless u wana play it maxed out
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    problem using COD original

    I cheked it out and : Processor Name: Intel Pentium M 730 Processor Speed: 1.6 GHz RAM: 512 MB Hard Drive Capacity: 60 GB Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 GM The card would be holding you back but for COD it should stil play fine.
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    Whats a good server?

    A good server... Your looking at at least one Xeon (dual core) but two 2.66's for top peformance.. 2GB PLUS of RAM And a minimum of 5mb download, 512k upload.. although 1MB upload would make a great server.
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    Solved: ut2004 Jerky movement mouse sticks

    Thats strange, your specs are good enough to play ut2004 suitably.. Try playing with the keyboard and mouse controls on the games option menu.
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    Asus P4S533-MX Motherboard

    He hasnt got a ASUS A7N8X-E though?
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    Monitor stopped after RAM install

    I had the exact same problem, i ended up getting a new PSU, extra RAM (for the sake of it) and a new mobo... doesnt sound promising for you but this is a common problem thats unknown to people that havnt heard it... but it is common just no1 knows the solution as thers so many
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    Could some clever chap have a look

    You need a new card, new CPU and 512MB more ram :) What is your budget?
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    AOL has taken over my computer!

    Check the AOHell thread
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    AOL has taken over my computer!

    Cant you just go to options and tell aol not to start on boot? Seems to simple tho.. I had AOL, about a year ago and STILL i have aol things i cant get rid of... its a pain in the a$$.
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    Computer will not start

    Are there any beeps?
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    video card

    Lol yup You going to post your specs yet bob?
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    Quick question

    Thanks :D
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    Building up a barebone.

    Make sure you OC the 3000+ otherwise you mite aswel get a different CPU for the same price.