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  • Hey Zack, hows it going. I haven't been on the Techguys forums much for years... just looking around and noticed you also messaged slurpee55 back in 2012 , and I did it in 2013... he seems to have dropped off, when you see a face you kinda feel like you know the guy.

    anyways take care.

    Hey Zack, I was just searching for some Excel VBA to cobble together (some things never change) and happened upon a comment from you on a different forum many years ago. Just wanted to let you know that you're still helping me, all these years later, in unexpected ways. :) Hope things are going well!
    Zack Barresse
    Zack Barresse
    Wendy, thanks so much for the note! I really appreciate little pieces of feedback like this. It's what makes giving back on the forums worth it. :)
    Hi Zack, I just posted a new thread 'Passing parameters using Application.OnAction ... '
    I know I'm intruding but if you have the time, could you see what I'm doing wrong?
    The problem is the passing of parameters and I hope that with the data in my thread I've been able to explain myself.
    Thanks in advance and excuse my impertinence
    Hi Zack!!!
    I have been out of work for about 15 months, and so I don't get on the site much (in part because I don't have any new version of Office - I have been using LibreOffice instead, but I don't like it much. Alas, with what I have to pay for insurance, I can't afford the latest version of Office.)
    I hope this finds you and your family in good health - any more kids lately? :)
    Hi Zack,
    This was / is code I 'invented' when taking my first serious steps in VBA, I must honestly admit that I did not look at it again and just posted this as is is.
    Try, as string variant would shorten it, but just havent'thought of it.
    Thanks for calling my attention to it.
    Hi Zack,
    I saw you defined the following as public in CuriousHank's post
    Public Const NL As String = vbNewLine
    Public Const DNL As String = vbNewLine & vbNewLine

    I use a selfmade function named NLF() that allows for as many newlines as the integer you pass to it.
    Empty is only one and works fine. Maybe you can use it too., just an idea.

    Function nLF(Optional t As Integer) As String
    Dim x As Integer, nLFa As String
    If t = 0 Then t = 1
    For x = 1 To t
    nLFa = nLFa & Chr(13)
    Next x
    nLF = nLFa
    End Function


    Yo, baby. I just got that sharing violation thing in Excel. I figured I was stuck with it. I finally figured out the problem. I had once skyped the file to our workgroup here at work. Not everyone had downloaded it, so Skype somehow kept the file in use, but I didn't figure that out until I'd saved the file to a new name, blah, blah, and then tried to delete the file. It said Skype was using it. ARGHH!!! Just thought I'd start to spread the word that this is ONE way, at least, that the sharing violation is received. xxxooo
    Do you know of a way to run a sub off of a click within an X and Y coor. in edit mode in PPT???

    I know where my button will be and I just want to fire an action after they click in that general area...
    HI Zack

    My Name is Jenn. I have posted to the Business Applications forum regarding an Access Database. Slurpee55 stated he worked on a database a while ago, that would be very similar to what I'm looking for. I was wondering if he would be able to provide a copy of your database, with or without test data.

    Thank you for your time.
    Hi Zack,

    Thanks so much for responding. I can't post the link, but I can email you the file. Will that help? Yes, this is the only file for which I have received that error message. I was using Excel 2007 and not the viewer. Yes, this was the only version of Excel 2007 on my machine. I haven't tried to view it on another laptop. The file is a template I downloaded from Microsoft Templates. It allows me to keep track of the time and projects so that I can bill my clients properly. I don't recall exactly what I have already tried. I do know that there were other threads with this same problem and I tried the solutions listed on them. Thanks. Please help if you can!!!
    You replied to one of my threads about making toggeling form buttons and posted 2 different methods. I got the one for the CommandButton to work. I can't get the FormsButton to work. The words change but not the colors. I would like to use that one in my forms that I am making. Can you help me getting it working.

    Hey long time no talk... I was needing a bit of help on this:

    Sub ExportGraphics()
    Dim x As Long
    Dim y As Long
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim objText As Object

    For x = 1 To ActivePresentation.Slides.Count
    ' Call ActiveWindow.Selection.ShapeRange.Export("C:\Graphics\" & x & ".jpg", ppShapeFormatJPG)
    Call ActivePresentation.Slides.Range.Export("C:\Graphics\" & x & ".jpg", ppShapeFormatJPG)

    End Sub

    I have one graphic on each slide and I want to have the vba loop thru and export each graphic to the folder.... I can get it to work on one slide if I select the graphic (and use the commented out line) but thats timely if i have a deck that is 25 slides or more...

    can you help?
    Hello Zack
    Let me know if I'm asking too many questions. I recently got Excel 2007 and I'm trying to convert from Lotus and want to sort of copy the macros I'm using in it. When I copy the macro's from here to the spreedsheet, I add commands and see what happins. I'm wearing out the record button!

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