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    Openoffice problems

    Uninstall OpenOffice from safe mode and install LibreOffice.
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    ADVICE needed: New laptop hd and storage

    You can review. I got mine online: I like Toshiba or Sony Vaio.
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    Serious problem with mouse/mouse cursor

    Maybe uninstall and update your mouse drivers:
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    Solved: PDF Converters

    Gizmo free suggestions:
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    Adobe Reader Alternative?

    Another strong vote for PDF X-change.
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    Solved: Adobe Reader Error - Raise without handler???

    I got rid of Adobe years ago and use only pdf xchange:
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    Let Firefox update, absolutely hate it

    I switched to Google Chrome after using FF for a long time. Very pleased.
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    Advance system optimizer issues

    I would uninstall ASO asap. Those type of programs do more harm than good. Just my humble opinion.
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    Solved: I can't download programs ot my computer.

    I only use for downloading programs. The author's site is an option provided on Majorgeeks site. Another suggestion is to use LibreOffice instead of Open Office.
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    Adobe Flashplayer Problems

    How do I install the latest version of Flash Player in Google Chrome? Chrome users don't have to download new versions of Flash Player. Chrome automatically updates when new versions of Flash Player are available. That way, users always have the latest security updates. Select About Google...
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    Solved: Change log in for chrome

    Can't she uninstall all google Chrome from her computer, reboot, install a new version? Maybe run ccleaner after uninstalling the first version.
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    Solved: Firewall recommendation

    I've used and like comodo free firewall : (firewall only, not antivirus)
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    Snap do

    Have a look at the instructions: I always use revo uninstaller:
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    Solved: beyond clearing the cache in firefox and chrome

    I don't know what the magazine said but here is a site that describes the cache and history cleaning. Personally, I only use ccleaner.
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    Google chrome not working

    check the same question on tech support guy thread.