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    Solved: "Access Denied" error during file copy....

    Here is the link to the producer of this recoverer:
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    Solved: "Access Denied" error during file copy....

    Don't throw it away yet; there might be another solution. First of all, be careful with the results of scandisk. Many times it reports lost sectors and deletes them, although they are actual parts of existing files and should not be erased. Try this: run a file recovery program on the...
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    Solved: "Access Denied" error during file copy.... I have never tried that on W98, though. You can also try to change the permissions. right-click on each directory, then properties and then unclick the appropriate markings.
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    Activate Windows "freezing" complication

    As this is a typical XP experience, better post this one in the XP forum. That "duplicate files" is one of the worst and uncorrected programs MS ever made (own experience). It deletes unselectively and shortens files, so that you will get an enormous amount of lost file fragments. Sorry to...
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    Solved: cant delete a file
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    Network detection on XP

    With XP I normally prevent all unnecessary services from starting, but all of these services are running running. Just for the fun of it, I yesterday installed Suse on that machine and from there I do have access as for now. I have Roco and Trix European, DC but thinking about DCCing ($$!)...
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    Network detection on XP

    There is no central printer or anything with a network address; a few computers have a printer connected and these are shared over the network; also the XP has one. There is no problem printing something from another computer on the XP's printer, so the incoming service request is received and...
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    Network detection on XP

    Duh.... That thing indeed is called a router; I think I got stuck in the past century for a moment. The network problem is only on the XP machine; the rest with Suse and W98SE work fine. The Windows firewall service is disabled, Zonealarm is used. Firewall on or off, no difference. Pinging...
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    Laptop woes

    Look here: and do the installation again.
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    System Restore

    Or start the XP installation from within Windows, then you get a complete work-over without losing your settings and programs. Do not boot with the XP CD; if you do that, all your settings and programs will be lost. 12tipp12: that is the best avatar I have ever seen.
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    Network detection on XP

    The single XP machine is connected to the office network with Linux and W98 computers; all have access to the internet via an ADSL modem. The XP has fixed, the modem, the others varying ones, but none has DNS. When the XP is freshly installed, the machine has access to...
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    Computer gone crazy

    That is a rather subjective but still easily discearnable method. You can see by the hard disk LED light whether your HD is active or not. Have a look at an other computer when it starts up; that will give you an idea of what it about should be. Windows uses your hard disk to extend the working...
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    Computer gone crazy

    If your hard disk shows a very high and continuous activity when starting up, your memory might be shot. Try and replace it with an other stick.
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    Windows Server 2003 - File Unblocking

    This one is really good:
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    cannot run many programs

    And, of course: