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    Help! VGA monitor doesn't see video card

    i see now... you haven't even gotten to the step to install the OS. sounds like you're having a hardware conflict that's preventing the PC from POSTing. can you list all the hardware you have connected to the motherboard? i'd suggest you start with the very minimal you need to have connected
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    Help! VGA monitor doesn't see video card

    do you know if the pc is booting up? it may not be video that's the problem. do you drives running, cdrom spinning, keyboard lights blinking? it could be that the computer's not boot up. you should see at some point the 3 lights on the keyboard blink during bootup.
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    Help! VGA monitor doesn't see video card

    does the motherboard have onboard video? if so, disable it in BIOS. does the video card have 2 outputs? if so, switch to the other output.
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    Dell 1905FP 19" Monitor Issue - Stuck in Power Save Mode

    do you see the POST info when it boots? check the video cable and card and make sure there are no bent pins. have you tried to boot to safe mode or vga mode?
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    LCD monitor expert needed.

    it may be the inverter.. most times it's hard to tell if it's the bulb or the inverter. it sounds like it's the inverter for this particular problem. they're easy to replace (but a bit expensive) if you can find the part... bulbs are usually cheap but hard to replace. it may be cheaper to...
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    Generating random numbers in sql

    it sounds like you may be calling the rand function only once and updating all the fields with the returned number. you can try a couple of things.. 1. create variables for each of the fields you want to update, define each as a separate rand function call, and update the row using the...
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    Can't complete downloads from the internet.

    are you sure it's going to the folder you're looking at? are you using IE or firefox? do you have antivirus on? if so, try downloading the file with it disabled.
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    Solved: networking part trois

    don't know if this has been suggested... try setting your DNS on the pc to the DNS ip's of the ISP. you can find this with the ISP's ip address on the router. also check the router's ip lease time for the ISP.. highly unlikely but maybe they set it to expire daily?
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    WinXP Network Browsing Problem

    do you really need to have this function or is a workaround ok? workaround: create a shortcut and have it open to \\remotepc. save it to your desktop. the network browsing feature has always been clunky for me... especially when mixing wireless and wired networks - dunno why... so I never...
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    Which games console

    at 11 votes for the Xbox and PS2 each, I don't think either OWNED. :)
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    G.R.A.W. freezing and crashing! Please help!!

    what's this about an "AMD version"? The game doesn't have a specific CPU version. there IS a specific version of the game patch if you have the off-the-shelf copy vs. the downloaded-copy (e.g. Direct2Drive).
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    Learning Linux

    big kudos for even wanting to try at 76... at any age. :)
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    Learning Linux

    I'd recommend the "Linux for Dummies" book :) I think they are pretty easy to follow for beginners.. sometimes too simple but what can you do.. The good thing about Linux of today is that a lot of them GUI based.. so you don't need to know every cryptic command and functions to do something...
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    G.R.A.W. freezing and crashing! Please help!!

    they've already fixed the issue with the lower framerate that was identified for the card... a result of hurried rollout for the review. to me, the visuals is part of gameplay. if the card will alow for better effects like explosions, gunfire, etc.. the gaming experience will be better overall.
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    Ubuntu Help!

    here's a good start.. you should go to the Ubuntu forums and look for help there.