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  • Hey slurpee. I've been laying low myself, been busy with other things so I only ocasionally pop in. I just don't have the time to hang in for a complicated answer, so if I see a quick one I can answer I jump in. I think you can still help with formulas and Code, but as far as directing people on where on the "Ribbon" to find stuff that would not be easy. If you get into Excel ONline version (free one) it gives you the "feel" of the newer ones.

    Are you off with an injury? what line of work are you in?

    take care.

    Hi Ziggy! I am just taking some time to say hello to some old friends! I haven't been working since January of 2011, so I don't have a new version of Office (and am therefore fairly worthless at helping people with problems using Office 2007 or later.)
    Still, I hope this finds you in good health and having fun!
    Hey Ziggy, quick question. Remember a few days back when I was having trouble getting Access to open a form in the right place, and you suggested moving everything into the header and just highlighting them so they looked like they were in a header? How do I make a shape in Access? Surprisingly, I can't find a tutorial anywhere. All i want to do is make a big color rectangle behind some controls so it's clear they're related to one another. Thanks in advance.
    Hello Ziggy,

    Just a more personal THANK YOU for all of your help and the time you spent helping me with this problem. I am sure that you had much better things to be doing.

    Just in case you are wondering I will be using this to possibable locate a retirement job. A friend and I own and operate a small restaurant (www.wingkingenglewood.com) and we are thinking of selling and moving to Tennessee. I am making a list of Broaster (www.Broaster.com) operations in TN which might provide a fun part-time job. We are both working about 80 hours a week so 20 to 30 sounds good.

    We moved to SW Florida in 2000 and are tired of the sunshine and heat all the time. So if you know anyone who might be interested tell them.

    Thank you one last time for everthing you have done for me.

    John Christenson
    [email protected]
    Hi Ziggy, just got back from a short vacation in Spain adn saw your request, but I also saw it's closed, so I think solved.
    Bye for now,
    I'll take alook at it. It won't be before Saturday afternoon but I'll get back to you.
    It's way past bedtime now (00:47)
    Hey Ziggy1,
    I've been playing around with the code, but its way past me. Anyway you can just write the whole thing for me? Hopefully its not too much trouble.... i understand if it would take too much time. Thanks!
    I'll post back later or maybe tomorrow, I am very busy tonight, if you attach a sample workbook ( sample data) I or someone else can give you a quicker solution
    Sorry but I dont understand. I have a Excel file with a complete customer database ( name, address, email address, etc) this table is on worksheet #1...on Worksheet #2... I have a one range with 2000+ rows all bounced email addresses. How do I delete all corresponding records on worksheet #1 (the Database) using worksheet #2 (bounced email values). PLease be simple and explain well ...I am terrible with Excel and Access....I'm a FrontPage Guy. Thanks...If it is easier for you call me 800 249-8428
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