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    Error 0x8000FFFF On A WD My Book External HDD

    I'm having issues with Error 0x8000FFFF with my WD My Book External HDD (2TB). This issue just recently started this morning after a forced windows update rebooted my computer while I was asleep and when I tried to save something on my HDD I keep getting the error, not only can I not save new...
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    external hdd error 0x8000FFFF, please help

    i have an HP Simple Save 465GB external HDD, on win 8.1, when i try to copy files to the HPSS it says " can't read from source file or disk " and if i try to create a new file or folder there it gives error code " 0x8000FFFF: catastrophic failure " i can access files on the drive even copy them...