100% cpu usage

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    Solved 100% CPU usage when computer is in "sleep" mode

    I have read countless articles regarding a Windows 7 computer using 100% of the CPU's capacity, but my situation isn't like any of the others described. While I'm using the computer it's not a problem -- CPU usage rarely goes over 65% & it's usually much lower. But since it takes a while for...
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    Major CPU Usage Issues

    Here is my System Information. Recently my CPU has been acting up. I used to be able to livestream and record playing games perfectly fine, now I can't even run run Minecraft without my CPU Usage spiking up to 100%. I've tried to run a scan for malware and ran a scan with Windows Defender...
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    Please help with 100% cpu usage

    Hi - I work from home and I am having a huge problem and losing hours working because I can't seem to find out how to fix this - my cpu usage is at 100% - how do I fix it? I've googled until I'm blue in the face and nothing seems to help. Please :)