100% disk usage

  1. justaguywhoneeds

    Disk Usage Very High causing lag

    Hi, I currently have an issue where I get 50%+ disk usage for no reason actually. It's causing lots of lag. Is there any fix for it? [I've tried everything on YouTube, none of them worked] btw, can an SSD solve this issue?
  2. M

    Computer slow on startup and turbotax..100% disc usage

    I have Dell laptop inspiron 17 computer, with an Intel Core i7 - 6500 U processor and 16GB memory of RAM. Whenever I turn on the laptop, the disk usage is about 100% for 5 minutes. And then it drops down to a normal level. Then I try to use a program like TurboTax or Quicken, and then the disc...
  3. S

    100% Disk Usage

    Hello, I have Processor Intel i5 and 8Gb Ram. but still My disk usage is going 100% At Startup And at the time of opening Software Like Photoshop,Lightroom,Antivirus. Is this Normal ? Or else its a big issue please Help Me Speed My Pc.
  4. hardwire12

    How do I fix these problems?

    So, I've been having this problem for ages where my computer freezes - sometimes it makes a noise as it happens,sometimes it doesn't. If I ever try to put the computer to "sleep," it sort off tries to, but then just switches off. It also remains at 100% disk usage upon start-up, for quite some...