100% disk

  1. D

    Disk at 100% in Task Manager even though nothing running

    Hi, I really need help. I have a Window 10 Acer Aspire laptop,64 bit, with 12gb ram 1tb harddrive, Nvdia Geforce 940 mx, touch screen. My laptop is very slow, even though bestbuy said it has really good specs and should run nicely. Even when I just turned the laptop on it is already about 8...
  2. shatrughna

    Unresponsive Windows 8 & 100% Disk problem

    Recently i have had updates installed on my Windows 8.1 and the system has become very very slow and unresponsive. After clicking on icons,i have to keep on waiting and most of the times each and every window becomes "not responding". In the task manager it shows 100% disk usage most of the...
  3. hardwire12

    How do I fix these problems?

    So, I've been having this problem for ages where my computer freezes - sometimes it makes a noise as it happens,sometimes it doesn't. If I ever try to put the computer to "sleep," it sort off tries to, but then just switches off. It also remains at 100% disk usage upon start-up, for quite some...