1. hellow

    Should I charge my laptop battery to 100%?

    After many searches online, I saw that many sources say to not charge your laptop to 100% and not let it drop below 20%. They say that this will help prolong the life of the battery in the laptop to as much as quadruple than if you were to charge to 100 and drop it to 0. . I am currently using...
  2. A

    Solved CPU,GPU at 100% usage for low end games on gaming laptop

    I've purchased a Dell G3 laptop and later upgraded it with an SSD. But from the time of purchase, I am unable to play any games even on the lowest settings without stutters. The stutters occur exactly at the moment GPU reaches 100% usage (checked this thoroughly) and even low-end games make both...
  3. D

    Disk usage 100%

    Hi, my disk usage is constantly at 100% on windows 10 and has been since i got my new laptop ~3 months ago, it should run quickly but is always slow, has non responsive programmes and occasionally crashes. I have tried so many tips that I've found on youtube or elsewhere online to fix it and...
  4. D

    HDD 100% usage on boot

    Hello, As the title suggests.Whenever i boot up my pc / restart it ,it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes for the disk activity to return to low values. In that first period it stays at a constant 100% disk usage making my PC very slow to the point that if i try and move my cursor on the screen it...
  5. A

    Disk 100%

    Basically my disk on my Asus laptop running Windows 10 has been at 100% or above 90% most of the day. The majority of the usage is from the system. I have defragmented it and it's on automatic defragmenting. I won't turn it on again for more specifications because of how bad it is so I will...