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    Solved CPU,GPU at 100% usage for low end games on gaming laptop

    I've purchased a Dell G3 laptop and later upgraded it with an SSD. But from the time of purchase, I am unable to play any games even on the lowest settings without stutters. The stutters occur exactly at the moment GPU reaches 100% usage (checked this thoroughly) and even low-end games make both...
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    Disk usage 100%

    Hi, my disk usage is constantly at 100% on windows 10 and has been since i got my new laptop ~3 months ago, it should run quickly but is always slow, has non responsive programmes and occasionally crashes. I have tried so many tips that I've found on youtube or elsewhere online to fix it and...
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    HDD 100% usage on boot

    Hello, As the title suggests.Whenever i boot up my pc / restart it ,it takes a good 5 to 10 minutes for the disk activity to return to low values. In that first period it stays at a constant 100% disk usage making my PC very slow to the point that if i try and move my cursor on the screen it...
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    Disk 100%

    Basically my disk on my Asus laptop running Windows 10 has been at 100% or above 90% most of the day. The majority of the usage is from the system. I have defragmented it and it's on automatic defragmenting. I won't turn it on again for more specifications because of how bad it is so I will...