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    'input not support' while overclocking AOC monitor

    so i have a AOC monitor of 1080p and a base refresh rate of 75 and when i try to overclock it to even 76 a black box appears with 'input not support' written on it. and it moves like the dvd logo's (from corner to corner) the monitor is AOC G2590VXQ.
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    Solved Computer crashes when watching 1080p YouTube videos

    Hello again, my pc used to play YouTube videos in 1080p resolution without any problems (albeit a bit choppy) but recently it started crashing after approximately 45 min of 1080p reproduction. It only crashes when the videos play in 1080p, it is ok in 760p and in normal use. My pc has 3.00 GB...
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    Windows 10 won't look right with my 1080p TV

    I'm using a Samsung 1080p smart TV as a monitor until I can get a newer better one to replace the old DVI Dell monitor I've been using for awhile. I plugged It in and it says it's displaying at 1080p but it looks absolutely awful. The text isn't clear, no image is sharp, and I feel like...