2 monitors

  1. S

    Dual monitors multiple display

    Hi, I recently bought two brand new llyma monitors (llyma black hawk and red eagle models) to connect to my new gaming PC. But I’m having troubles in connecting both the monitors to work. Both monitors do not have a vga connection. They both have one HDMI each and a one DP each. I’m stuck as I...
  2. A

    Multiple Display

    Guys, can I use a Samsung monitor and an HP monitor as multiple displays in Windows 10?
  3. Dandjix

    Solved Cant have two screens plugged in - Input not supported

    I use Windows 10. If I try to plug in both of my screens to my computer, I get the error message "Input not supported" on one of them. If I unplug the working one, the other can function. I can even slide windows into the screen that doesnt work, and move my mouse in it.Through a discord...
  4. B

    Need help Setting up HTML files to start up full screen on 2 monitors

    this is what i have so far for the batch file , but it doesn't seperate the windows, or make them full screen. any help would be very appreciated. start file:///C:/users/intern/Desktop/30s.html --kiosk -fullscreen -new-window -window-position=1600,0" start...
  5. N

    2 monitors and a KVM switch

    I am running 2 computers through a Tripp-Lite KVM switch on 1 monitor. Is is possible to do 2 monitors while on one of the computers and then switch to the other computer and do 2 monitors again with that one? Or is it easier to get a large monitor and do a split screen with software whenever I...