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    Solved Access Separate field into several columns

    Hi all, I have a column with data that looks like this 43/26/159 and want to separate it into columns A = 43 B =26 C=159 for example. I have a function with the following code Public Function SplitFile(intField As Long, strValue As String, strDelimiter As String) As String Dim varSplit As...
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    Access 2010 Form to display data from different queries

    Hi, I think I have always over complicated things by creating several copies of a form for each query it will display. Then when something changes I have loads of places to change it. Is there a way that I can have one form and determine which query is displayed in that form using the Filter...
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    Create Form that Cycles through fields

    Hi All, Quick one - trying to create a data entry/ edit form that has 3 years worth of dates in it. I.e. 2016, 2017, 2018 Project Name| Project Manager | Jan 16 effort Feb 16 effort March 16 effort April 16 effort May 16 effort June 16 effort and so on.... Some projects will go into other...