1. Lu Zhun

    2TB Drive "Full" but only 400GB is used.

    Hey all. Is there a good way to see what may be taking up HDD space? Supposedly out of a 1.81TB drive, only 9.51MB is free! There is no way that it can be full. I went to properties on each folder within the drive and calculated that only around 400GB is actually being used. It is a secondary...
  2. jtn3833

    Solved two 2tb partitions for an old win7 32bit os?

    I'm using my dad's old Dell XPS win7 32bit as a media server. It's been working fine with an external 4tb drive, but I need to backup that drive, so I figured I'd just get a 4tb internal so it would run a little faster, and keep the external 4tb as backup. I forgot about the 32bit os being...
  3. M

    Power Supply - Seagate 2TB Hard Drive

    Hey yo, Couple of months ago i damged my cords for my hard drive and today i purchased new ones. A 3.0 usb cable which works wonderfully and a power supply which doesnt work as well. It is working for 2 seconds red light turns off and turns on again and repeats this constantly any fix or tips at...
  4. J

    I/O Device Error on new WD 2TB Hard Drive

    I keep getting " I/O Device Error" I have just built a new gaming set up. Everything works fine other than the slave drive. I have an SSD as the master to boot off of and a 2tb hdd. It detects the HDD in bios but not once I boot windows 7. It says it's offline and not initialized but when I try...