4k monitor

  1. J

    Monitor Upscaling

    I am looking to create a new office setup. I have a 1080p laptop with HDMI and USB Typce C/Thunderbolt port. If I were to buy a 4k monitor what would be the best solution to maximise resolution to get the most out of the monitor? I have come across some Samsung Monitors that claim to upscale HD...
  2. J

    FHD laptop connected to 4K monitor?

    I have the Dell XPS 15 9560 in the FHD model. I am looking into getting myself a new 4K monitor for work. I am wondering if I connect my laptop with 2.0 HDMI cable to the 4K monitor, will it display 4K or only what my laptop can display? Thank you for any answers
  3. B

    recording 4K H.264 HDMI 2.0 to external media?

    hi. i've got these 360 video stitching boxes that send out prestitched 4K H.264 mp4 video over HDMI 2.0. i need to be able to record those HDMI streams in 4K. the cheapest external recorder box that i can find that records 4K is the Atomos Ninja. but it's over $1000. part of the reason for that...
  4. M

    Quick monitor questions: 3840-by-2160 at 30Hz?

    Hi. I own a Mac Mini and use it with a Dell 24" 1080p monitor. I'm thinking of upgrading my monitor to a 4K 27" (probably an LG). I have a few questions: The Mini supports a resolution of 2560 by 1600 at 60Hz and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 at 30Hz. Will 2560 by 1600 on a 4k monitor look...
  5. F

    Display Port to HDMI Adapter Audio Issues

    Hey everyone, PC Info: Windows 10 Genuine Intel i7 4790k NVidia GTX 980ti 8GB RAM 1600 128GB SSD Boot 480GB SSD for games 1TB HDD @7200rpm for movies I recently purchased a Display port to HDMI adapter for my PC. I did this because my TV (SONY XBR55X930D) displays 4k HDR and I want to take...
  6. J

    4k Zenbook to separate monitor

    Sounds stupid but I wasn't able to find this anywhere. I have a 2160p Asus laptop and I was wondering how major of a difference in resolution would it be if I hooked it up to a 1080p monitor. Searches only show the other way around. Would it drastically look different or would I be barely able...
  7. throdne

    4k Monitor fullscreen video playback in a pip window.

    Hello all, I’m blessed with having a 43” 4k monitor at work, and as well, at home. I have both a MacBook Pro Retina and windows desktop computer hooked up to them. I love working on the monitors but I have one problem with it, watching videos. E.g. YouTube, Lynda.com, Netflix, etc. Within the...