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    Should I upgrade Monitors?

    Hello! Currently I have a gateway FHX2300 monitor which has a refresh rate of 60hz at 1080p. I was thinking of upgrading monitors because I do game and this one isn't the best. My computer friend says that I should get something that puts out about 120Hz because of how technology is advancing...
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    Will i get screen tearing from laptop to external display?

    So i have a Dell G7 with GTX1060 and a 60Hz Laptop display. I get a lot of Screen tearing when i run almost any game, Even GTA San Andreas. If i hook this up to gaming monitor with 144Hz or GSync enabled will this fix my issue of screen tearing while i'm playing from the Gaming monitor? If so...
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    Solved 144hz Monitor - Only 60hz Showing As Option

    I've had a 144hz monitor for a while now, (Acer GN246HL to be exact) and at first I struggled to get it to 144hz, but eventually I got it working. I just moved into my college dorm room and had to disconnect all my cables to my desktop obviously. Upon reconnecting, I realized that the 144hz...
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    Which Monitor is Better for Gaming?