ac adapter

  1. Amttrak

    Dell G3 3579 charging issue

    My G3 3579 has recently developed a charging issue, in that it flickers from not detecting a charger, to “plugged in, not charging”. I’ve tried changing the charging settings etc., diagnostics show no issues, same problem with new battery new charger and new power jack, but nothing works, can...
  2. L

    ASUS laptop battery not charging

    Hello! Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I've had an ASUS X555L laptop for a couple of years now, and am just now experiencing charging issues. I'll try to supply as much information as possible, but please do ask questions if it in any way can help solve this issue! -The laptop...
  3. D

    My HP Elitebook 2570p will not turn on

    My laptop will not turn on. When I plug in the AC adapter the light on the power button comes on and stays on as do two of the four lights on the front left-hand side of the computer (the two in the middle). All three lights remain on when I remove the battery pack and leave the adapter. The...
  4. Dai91

    MSI GT70 20C Issues

    Hey! I'be been having some troubles with my MSI, but the most glaring one is that if I run a game with my Nvidia dedicated graphic card, the laptop will shutdown after a while (Can take anywhere from 3 minutes to about 30-40, depending on the game and graphic settings.) I can confirm that it is...
  5. D

    Sony Tap 20 won't turn on after update

    This is my first post. I have a Sony Tap 20. Completed a Windows update then my battery started to drain. My AC adapter is getting power and the connect has never had an issue. My battery was always great, but all of a sudden, after the update, my PC isn't recognizing the connection to the AC...