1. Uchi8a

    My fan stopped workimg

    The accelerometer in my fan has stopped working its a Casablanca. please explain how accelerometers work thanks.
  2. Uchi8a

    Capacitors in accelerometers?

    How do capacitors work in an accelerometer? the google definition says "Capacitive accelerometers (vibration sensors) sense a change in electrical capacitance, with respect to acceleration, to vary the output of an energized circuit. The sensing element consists of two parallel plate capacitors...
  3. Uchi8a

    Solved Accelerometer

    please tell me if this is understandable (This is my script) Script Have you ever wondered how your phone knows what direction you're tilting it in? This is because of the device called the Accelerometer. MEMS Accelerometers are a microelectronic device about the size of 100 microns. They...