access 2007

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    Access 2007 - I need to reverse my many-to-many relationship

    Hello - I'm working on a DB of a jigsaw library in Access 2007. I have created a table for jigsaw data and a table for borrower data; each jigsaw will have many borrowers, and each borrower will borrow many jigsaws. I have successfully set up a many-to-many relationship using an associated...
  2. Y

    Access - Creating Written Music Library Database

    Operating System: MS Windows 10 Software: Access - Verion 2007 New to using Access. Trying to create published Music Library Database with the following elements Data Entry Form Fields: Record Number, Title, Composer, Written for (SATB), Category (General, Christmas, Easter, Patriotic)...
  3. E

    AccessDB Reporting

    Hello All that read .... I'm hoping someone can assist and I'm also hoping I can make sense of this in words. I'm trying to create a report in Access 2007 to show expiry dates for certificates that suppliers have against there name. I have a supplier table that shows all details including the...
  4. NBAShell-Bell

    Access Report for Expired Due Dates

    I'm trying to create a report in my Access Issue Database that will return only those records that have an EXPIRED DUE DATE. I'm a little familiar with the Expression Builder, I'm just not sure what exactly to put in my thread. Any help is greatly appreciated! :) Shelly ~ Knowing just enough...