access 2010

  1. R

    Field will not fit record Access 2016 to DB5

    Every field is 64 in length yet we cannot export to DB5. We also cannot do a CSV because the file is too large any suggestions
  2. Margo12

    Access 2010 - issuess over network access

    I work in a networked environment and I create databases for different departments. I have created databases for different department and placed them on a common network drive so my users can get to them while I can still reach them to update or make changes. I've found certian of my users find...
  3. N

    Emailing a Single Page of a Report in ACCESS

    Hey y'all, First of all, I am new to the forum. Also, I am new to Access but I have caught on very quickly so far. However, I need a little bit of guidance. I have searched the forum and found threads that are similar, but I'm still having trouble. Let me give you a little bit of background...
  4. E

    Solved View table filtered by dates entered in a form

    Hi all, I'm really stuck...I have and Access 2010 database. I have a table with jobs and a related table that gives the IDs of people that did those jobs. One to many relationship. I need users to be able to enter dates in a form and display the records within those dates, but if I use a...
  5. D

    Access Query Help

    I have created an Access 2010 Form to enter information about different clients I am serving through a grant funded program. The grant requires that we meet certain benchmarks and I am at the point now where I need to create reports that show our outcomes each month. I know very little about...
  6. R

    Solved Can you create Reports and Forms that update based on date?

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a Form and a Report in a Database that I've built. Ideally, what I'm trying to do is create a yearly rolling Form (for data entry) and Report (that runs off that data in the table that is updated by the form). The table I have is essentially this: Effort in Days...
  7. S

    Solved Access 2010 exporting

    I created a database that runs 6 separate macros, and those macros are 2 different platforms. Platform A runs first creates a folder with the yyyymm then yyyymmdd and then within that there is a table that exports into it as excel. The Platform A folder creation and export are both RunCode...
  8. H

    Solved Access 2010 expression from form needs to reflect in table

    I am super new to Access (like, what I know I taught myself or learned from some short youtube tutorials a few days ago), but I'm putting together a database for my reporting at work. This is the first time I've really run into an issue. I am using Access 2010. I have a table called "Holds...