access 2013

  1. J

    Solved Access 2013

    I have Created a Data base and i have a form that needs to be filled out but i was wanting to be able to just open the Form from my desktop and not have to open the whole data base.. can someone please help me.. Thank you in Advance Jodie
  2. H

    Access query - mismatch in data - but where????

    Hi, I have this access database that someone else created, I have now this error "mis-match in data", I know it is because my data is not in the right format in one of the files, but how do I figure out where and which one it is??? I am hoping that one of you can help me.... Thanks
  3. draceplace

    Solved Library not Registered error - VBA Outlook

    Been running this email generation VBA code for years (currently Access 2013) and this week it went south on me. But another person in my group runs the process just fine from his PC. The error: Run-time error '-2147319779 (8002801d)': Automation error Library not registered. OS=Win7 (Office...