access 2016

  1. 777Psalm91

    Access, notifications based on 2 different due dates

    Hi, I am very new to Access and I am trying to design notifications based on 2 different due dates (Yearly & Semi-yearly). The document is the same for each employee, but some employees are due every 6 months and some every 12. I have found a way in a query to do either the 6 month notice, or...
  2. B

    Flexable Forms

    Good Morning all, I am hoping to get your opinions on next steps as I seem to have reached my limited experience within MS. The Situation: I have created an Excel which is acting as the output collection of scores for a training course and I am struggling with coming up with a simple input...
  3. J

    MS Access and SQL occational hanging issues on our workstati

    We are running a custom database in one of my customer sites. The backend is running SQL and the front end is based on Microsoft Access. Our users occasionally experience issues with Access hanging on them and then they lose their reports. Other times, they experience sluggishness and with all...
  4. Alchemi

    DBEngine(0)(0).Execute Help please I've spent a couple days on this and I'm down to one last annoying issue. I'm at this part in my coding: 'Duplicate the related records: append query. If...
  5. Alchemi

    Print attachments from MS Access

    Hello, I've put together a joint system between HR and myself to where they enter in basic employee information and I keep track of their training in the Quality program. Now we don't have competing systems, we can actually do safety programs, and I will finally be able to keep track of...
  6. Alchemi

    Solved MS Access: Query not updating from Form

    Hello again: New database, new problem I thought I've built my parts like I'm used to but something's not happening right. I have a form where a person makes an order, and when they are ready it's supposed to go to a report to show their request. The report is coming up with no data (fields...
  7. R

    Field will not fit record Access 2016 to DB5

    Every field is 64 in length yet we cannot export to DB5. We also cannot do a CSV because the file is too large any suggestions
  8. hotwheelschris

    Access 2016

    Hello guys I'm new to Access but i have mad a DB now i have a date fleid call "DateHandOver" which the user can input the date but i also have a flied called "EndofMission" which i what the DB the take the date from "datehandove" and add 3 years on to that date and then when the date in...
  9. mad-martin

    Access: Creating a query across multiple tables

    hi guys I have been struggling with this for a while, first I tried to find a solution in EXCEL, however after doing some online research I now think it may be better to create a query in Access (2016) I have multiple tables and and all have a diversity of info, but also some common...