1. C

    Access - Getting Started

    Many thanks for taking the time to look. I hav never used Access before. my company keeps spreadsheets of data that may benefit from migratign to access, see attached document outlining the required fields. any help and advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. S

    #NAME in Access

    I have a SQL database with an Access front end. About 30 people use the database on a daily basis. A couple days ago one of the users started getting #NAME in all of the text boxes. No other user is having this issue. I have already deleted and reinstalled the front end and it didn't change...
  3. S

    Creating an MS Access database with many fields

    Hello everyone. before we start: I am total newbie to Access (used few times, exited). Situation: i am trying to analyze data that has too many fields for Excel. Like - 10 right now and it could be NOT enough. Entering data may bring errors. And sometimes I require field connections. My thought...
  4. B

    RAT through network, powershell, schedule tasks

    Due to suspicious behavior i wanted a clean install of windows so i wiped everything removing all partions. I do not do much on it yet its runnibg hot there are soo many weird processes running in the back ground. Im not a computer wizz but i think they have gained access through the public...
  5. H

    WiFi internet connection not working

    My WiFi says that it’s connected, but there’s no internet access on my laptop. No matter what I do, it just won’t work. I’m getting really frustrated. I’ve reset things on the command prompt, I’ve reset my laptop multiple times, I’ve done multiple things. The internet on every other device is...
  6. D

    Solved Can MS Access work mouse-free?

    We currently have an old database program for processing donations and I'm wondering if we can replicate the system in Access. The program runs only with a keyboard, and for current contacts who have an account number it takes a few seconds to process a transaction: Input account number >...
  7. G

    Microsoft Access 2016 multiple options in 1 cell

    I'm trying to database my network using the built in Asset tracking template with access 2016. I'm new to playing with Access, but I'm catching on quickly. The issue I'm having is I have several fields I've added in addition to the default fields. I've created one called "MAC Address". I've...
  8. N

    Importing Gmail emails into Access Database

    I can't find anything online to say it's possible to import Gmail into an Access database. Everything I find is Outlook, which makes sense since it's also a Microsoft product. Is it possible to import information from a Gmail email into a current Access database?
  9. Alchemi

    Solved MS Access: Multiple copies of pages within a Report

    Hello, This thread touched on what I'd like to do but went into a different direction: I am so close on completing my system except for one nagging problem. I would like to...
  10. R

    Microsoft Access - Link master and child fields

    Hi guys, In my system to keep data consistent between switching tabs, I have a textbox I call. To populate a subform with the current record I link master fields 'txtMaterial' and this works. It populates the material number correctly from the corresponding record. However, I have 3 primary...
  11. R

    Microsoft Access Tabbed forms

    Hi there, when I use the following code to show/hide tabs before and after update it works - but only when it's the main form. Private Sub Job_BeforeUpdate(Cancel As Integer) If Me.Job = "2" Then Me.Parent.Page21.Visible = True Else Me.Parent.Page21.Visible = False End If...
  12. J

    if then macros

    Good Morning! I have a database for work that uses a lot of macros (since I am not good at visual basic), and has lots of querys. I have several different companies, and hundreds of employees at each company. I am attempting to do the following: 1-Use dropdown field on Access Form, listing...
  13. I

    Creating a form for a mobile device to link to a database

    Hi all; I am a factory worker in the construction of event passes and equipment. I am currently trying to update the way our production forms are handled as they are currently pen and paper and I am trying to update it to a digital database that can be filled in on a tablet. Just looking to find...
  14. R

    Visual Basic Code with Microsoft Access (DLookup)

    Hi All! I'm creating an application where I have multiple levels of access. I have created a function using DLookup using VB: Private Sub Form_Load() 'Retrives "HasAccess" Field from the table "tblHasAccess" where the AccessLevelID = Current users access level ID If...
  15. R

    Solved Microsoft Access Query Help Nested IIf Statement

    Hi there, I'm creating a nested Iff statement in a query to return the corresponding cost for each value: 0-500 = 6,48 501-750 = 4,32 751+ = 2,16 2,16 displays correctly for values over 751. 4,32 displays correctly for values 501-750 6,48 displays correctly for values 0-500. HOWEVER...
  16. S

    Access Email not sending in Windows 10, but works in W7

    Has anyone heard of an issue where an email created in Access won't send through outlook when it's pulled up in Windows 10, but will work when it's pulled up in Windows 7? This access database has worked for years, and worked up until this week in Windows 10. I'm still in Windows 7, so when I...
  17. M

    Phone log in MS Access

    I want to create a simple phone log. Date, Project, Trade, Company, Contact, Phone, Notes. once I select the trade, when I click into the company field, it has a dropdown that only lists the companies that do that trade. I will select the company and then when I click into the contact field, it...
  18. N

    Access or Sharepint

    So I am new to the forum although I have created several databases and SharePoint list in my time. I am trying to create a training database. I know the tables/fields I want and need but have two questions/issues. If I use access there is the issue of having managers that are employees as well...
  19. C

    IP Invalid (I think)

    Okay, so start from the start. We've arrived at my partner's parents house and several devices weren't connecting to the WiFi. The windows phone and android tablet were having authenication error and the 2 laptop were having an invalid IP error. I followed a video on YouTube to setup an IP on...
  20. C

    Unable to access zip file link. PLEASE HELP!! ASAP!

    There was an app called PHHHOTO which was a social media app similar to Instagram but where you could make gif style images; as of this summer (2017) had to shutdown. A way for users to save their images, they sent these links (link below) which included all images of the user to save but I...