1. S

    We can't sign in to your Account Windows 10 Problem

    Urgent need help for I need to use my laptop for my final papers before the School Year Resumes! So i opened my Laptop and suddenly there was a Notification about fixing some drivers so I clicked it and let the computer do its works. Then when I tried to logged in again in signed me to a...
  2. K

    About IB tool

    Hi, I want to know what actually IB tool is? As I am now working with a software that will generate the data out and received via API. And it seems I need to put it in an IB tool in order to view the data. And is there any way to display those data in the account page in wordpress? * I am...
  3. R

    Solved Windows 10 backgrounds same on 2 computers automatic!

    I have noticed when I change the background on my Windows 10 desktop computer my background on my laptop also running Windows 10 automatically changes to the same background image. This is not a big deal but just wondering if it has anything to do with both having the Microsoft account.
  4. crunchyhippo

    Confusing password reset issue on my desktop

    I have a password for my Windows 10 desktop, in order to keep my kids off it when they're not supposed to be on it. I had a password set under my Account, but my son figured it out, so I needed to create a new one. After doing a password reset, my son was able to still log in with the old...
  5. S

    Gmail lost password

    Lost a password to gmail, don't have access to phone used to complete 2 step verification. I have virtually no proof I own the account. It's old last used in Oct 2015. Has precious photos of people who have passed. Plz help!
  6. E

    Reddit account issues

    I'm seeing some weird behavior when I try to create a Reddit account. It says the account name is acceptable / not taken, my passwords match, and I pass the CAPTCHA (I get an error when I don't) but when I submit the form it just disappears and I remain on the current page, not logged in...
  7. CthulhuCalamari

    Account Settings Issues

    I recently had to pick up a new laptop that had Win 10 installed, when my Win 8.1 machine broke. When I signed in with my Microsoft account everything transferred over, with a few specific issues: 1) In the lock/login screen my Microsoft name is listed, but under C:>Users> the account folder is...
  8. J

    Restore data

    In Laptop, I have accidentally deleted my one of administrator account ,please help me in restoring data.?