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  1. raveeno2005

    USB to VGA connection to second monitor Acer Aspire C24-760

    Hi, I have an all-in-one Acer Aspire C24-760 computer. I also have a dell monitor which I want to connect to my pc and use it as a second screen simultaneously. The connection between the monitor is as below: - One end of VGA cable connected to VGA port on monitor -Other end of VGA cable...
  2. Tiaaaaa

    My laptop says No bootable Device (Windows 10)

    My Acer Aspire 3 (A315-31-C7CF) says no Bootable devices. What do I do?
  3. A

    'Operating system not found' error

    Hi, I have an Acer aspire v5 (windows 10 64bit) for 7 years or so now. I've had the 'operating system not found' error about 3 times now in the past couple of years and managed to fix it through windows recovery with your help...
  4. Darkfate1

    Pc crash no display no keyboard function

    Lots of color on screen words not showing right pc crashed no display keyboard not coming on pc running. No display no keyboard function acer pc Windows 10 Computer rams no display no keyboard
  5. S

    HP parts used with Acer just hear me out

    So I had a hp pavilion 15-n080ca with 15.6" screen . Having looked up the specs I believe it is a touch screen, AMD cpu with 750GB hdd and 8GB 2RX8 PC3L . I kept the screen , hard drive , ram , motherboard as well as keyboard. The casing , mouse and hinges were busted when I was asked if I...
  6. S

    Continuous beep when turned on

    Im pretty new to computers and have an acer aspire with Windows 10. Apologies for not knowing anything about computers but recently after upgrading to Windows 10 I turned on my computer as per normal and the light turned on and the fan started but it emitted a continuous solid beep and my...
  7. T

    BIOS with a broken screen

    Hello. Thank you for what you do. I never thought I’d need a site like this. I’m 17 and I love technology. I’m usually very good at looking up the answers I need, you see. The problem started when the screen became fuzzy and then white. Turns out it works great as a desktop, so I hardly care...
  8. C

    Help Picking A New SSD

    Hi everyone! I am new here and I just need some advice. I am trying to pick a new SSD to replace my current one in my Acer Aspire R5-571TG-7229. My current SSD according to my Device Manager on Windows is a HFS256G39TND-N210A. It is 256GB. I am currently looking at three new 1TB replacement SSDs...
  9. S

    Acer aspire laptop refuses to boot. Receives power.

    My Acer aspire laptop has been refusing to boot up at all. No charging light, a Black screen, and no running sounds but when I leave it plugged in both the cord block and laptop begin to gradually heat up as if it was on and running. I tried a battery reset with no progress. Any advice is helpful.
  10. T

    Ribbon cable issue?

    So originally I was having issues with the charging port of my laptop. ( It's an Acer Aspire e15 I guess? ) So I opened it up, thinking I could adjust it or see if I order a replacement if I could fix it myself. Issue isn't fixed but slightly better New issue is that the track pad doesn't...
  11. W

    Black screen with new screen installed

    I had recently bought a new laptop screen to replace the broken one. I connected the video cable and everything. I plugged in the laptop and all I get is a black screen. I tried turning it off then on. I can't remove the battery. I unplugged, turned off then on, then turned off then plugged it...
  12. K

    Acer Aspire Timeline X Black Screen Windows7

    So probably back in 2016, my dad was trying to install Norton on my Mum's Acer Aspire Timeline X laptop (running Windows 7), and the Norton was on a disk, but I realised he was installing it on the wrong account so I went to log out and go to the right account when something happened- I don't...
  13. K

    Computer turning on and off repeatedly

    Hello. I have an Acer Aspire 5742-6814. I pressed the on button and the computer starts and the turns off after 5 seconds, then turns back on and turns off after 5 seconds repeatly. The computer will not proceed past the Acer logo. I can not proceed to do anything. I took out the battery and...
  14. K

    Sims 3

    So I bought this computer (Acer Aspire 5253 15.5" Laptop AMD C-50 1.00GHz 4GB RAM No HDD) because I read that it will run the sims 3. I wanted a computer specifically to only run that game I will not use it for anything else so I didn't wanna spend 500$. I don't know what an HDD is and i'm...
  15. J

    Consistent Blue Screening While Closing Windows

    For the past couple months, my computer has had a stream of issues. While some have randomly gone away over time, I now have an issue where seemingly any time I close a window there's a 50/50 chance my computer will crash. At first, it only seemed to happen when closing or working in Pro Tools...
  16. W

    Swapping chips between motherboards of different brands?

    Hello, This is my first post here and I'm Pi. My computer is rather old and I'm poor. So far I've done all the repairs and maintenance on it myself, but I need some advice. My current CPU is a Intel Pentium 3558U @ 1.70GHz chip, and it's come to my attention that it's no longer adequate for my...
  17. P

    Aspire Switch 10 E Deleted EFI NO BOOTABLE MEDIA

    my Aspire Switch 10 E had a password issue and I tried to USE a USB WIN 10 to do a clean install. It said there was not enough space and I deleted the first partition. The deleted partition had boot info and efi Now I cannot get anywhere to find the right bootable media to use in a USB and...
  18. Syhtister

    Issue with the dreaded blue screen.

    Hey guys, I'm really hoping someone here could possibly give me a hand. My pc has Windows 10 and I've been having nothing but issues recently. As of about a month ago my pc has started to crash randomly and shows the blue screen. I originally experienced issues where my disk usage was maxed when...
  19. J

    Error 0xc000014c (Your PC needs to be repaired)

    I had this problem last month but its different error codes/number but the same effect. Last month when i tried to open my laptop the error 0xc000000d just appeared but i manage to fix it by following alot of youtube tutorials and alot of research and cmd coding and stuff. Even though i dont...
  20. H

    Software installation on drives_ Acer V Nitro VN7-591G

    Hello. I have a Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition laptop. As the available space on C drive(55GB) is relatively limited, i would like to know how can i manually install software on the D drive(931GB) instead. Given that the C drive is always auto-selected but when I try to download the...