acer laptop

  1. A

    new Acer Nitro 5 says No bootable device when it turns on

    I just got this laptop a month ago and yesterday I was trying to play my favorite game when it kept crashing. It said that my whole system crashed and it said that it would restart after it found out what the problem was. So I let it restart and when it restarted it ever got pass the Acer logo...
  2. Mukansi

    Bad bios flash resulted in bricked PC

    Hi guys, I'm using an Acer TMP453-M notebook (Intel i5 + 4GB Ram). I tried flashing a modded BIOS (from but something went wrong. Now my PC won't start-up: -Power LED blinks blue regularly -Fan struggles to start every-now-and then (but keeps attempting -No beeps heard -Screen...