1. TalRodriguez

    Clone or Backup? Or aliens from outer space???

    What I am wanting to do is to be able to restore my C drive with the OS and programs if there is a failure. I have programs that can only be downloaded 5 times. (These are audio production programs.) I would also like to have my audio files backed up every week. I have Acronis True Image 2018...
  2. Lu Zhun

    Un-doing RAID 0 (Moved from Windows 7 forum)

    Hello. I have 2 SSD drives in RAID 0 currently set for my primary boot drive and would like to undo this to make them 2 separate drives again. The SSD drive is currently being run by some software SSD controller and not a hard one. I would like to make 1 full system image of the drives to use...
  3. B

    Can Windows 8.1 be rebuilt without affecting installed apps

    This is a request for problem resolution and for my education. System information, entered manually (unable to run system info utility on failed laptop) Failed computer: HP Envy 15 Notebook PC (laptop) Model: 15-j011dx Windows 8.1 Hard drive: Toshiba 681 GB (29.6 GB free), (pretty sure it is...
  4. M

    Restore image to Hyper-v machine, it wont boot, need drivers

    Hi I have made a system backup image of another computer with Acronis True Image. I want to restore that image into a new virtual machine in Hyper-v on another host computer. On this host computer, I created a VM, and then added a boot disk with Acronis True Image and Universal Restore so it...
  5. J

    DRMK V.800 after Acronis Restore to new PC

    Hello everyone! I backed-up a HHD from a PC that was affected by recent storming. Performed a HDSentinel test on the HHD. HHD was checked as healthy. Decided to upgrade the HHD from a WD green 1TB to a Samsung 1TB to get the 7200RPM. Acronis informed me the back-up and restore was successful...
  6. M

    Backup Assistance needed

    I hope this is the right category for posting this!. If not let me know what category please. My backup failed overnight as insufficient space. It is a 5TB Ext Expansion drive!! I am using Acronis True Image 2015 My “C” is at 297 GB Old “C” is 253 GB Ext HDD 1.5 TB Ext HDD 579 GB It has...