activate windows

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    Activation Error: Product key cant be replaced

    I had this PC built for me 3 years ago, and I had a valid Product Key, and Product ID. Now its giving me an Error in the Activation error, and refuses to let me put a new Product key in. It still says I have a Product ID, but no key. Now I thought I was having a hardware issue, so I went ahead...
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    Reinstalled Windows - Product key/activation issue

    My Lenovo Y510P HDD failed and I had to put in a new one and reinstall Windows 8. However, I didn't know which version it came installed with exactly, so I tried Windows 8.1 Pro. Now it bugs me with watermarks (and progressively more invasive stuff) about activating Windows. However Lenovo is...
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    Activate Windows

    The computer says to activate windows to personalize my PC . But when I try, it takes a lot of time and finally doesn't gets activated. How can I fix it ?