active directory

  1. lochlomonder

    Rebinding a Workstation to a Domain

    I'm sure domain administrators have seen this infamous message more than once: "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed." More often than not, this has required removing the workstation from Active Directory, deleting the associated Computer object, and then...
  2. M

    Members vs Members of

    Can someone please give me a dumbed down explanation of the difference between "Members" and "Members of" in Active Directory?
  3. B

    Windows 10 Pro - Can't join the domain

    Hello, I am trying to connect new Windows 10 Pro computers to a new Windows 2016 Server Standard. These computers were upgraded from Windows 10 Home. I am trying to connect these computers to the local domain now and am receiving this error message; "Can't join the domain. Contact your IT...
  4. S

    Distro not updating when adding new mebers

    Hello there, So, I work as a L1 service desk. We have here basic access to the exchange server site and AD. There is this distribution list that we have been trying to add more members (they were originally part of the distro) and even though they are added after a while they just disappear...
  5. K

    Installing AD, DNS, DHCP without Internet

    Hi I am having a problem installing windows server 2012 coz still I don't have internet at home as I moved recently. Issue: Stopping installing AD, DNS, DHCP saying configure Tcp/ip first before go ahead. Thanks
  6. B

    Powershell: AD + Exchange | Export-Csv

    I'm very new to Powershell, but I've got a task that requires me to pull information from our AD users as well as their corresponding mailboxes in Exchange. We were recently bought out by another company and some departments are switching email domains while others are not. I'd like to take...
  7. R

    Solved Unable to add Windows 10 Pro client to Server 2012R2 Domain

    I have a virtualized network running on a dedicated server. The host is 2012 R2 Datacenter edition running four virtualized 2012 R2 Datacenter clients. I decided to completely rebuild my network after making a few changes. I have the /30 IPv4 network running via a bridge, giving me four IPs...