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    Content in Chrome browser's address bar becomes invisible

    Hi guys, I am currently using Windows 7 for my PC. Content in my Google Chrome browser 's address bar suddenly becomes invisible today. Text in the address bar is not showing. After re-installation, the problem remains the same. Text for settings is not showing as well. When I was going to...
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    How do I change the position of the address bar in Firefox

    Hello, I am using an android phone, and wondering how to change the position of the address bar in Mozilla Firefox, So that I can have the search bar be at the bottom of the screen instead of the top, which allows me to input text at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top. If you want...
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    Disable search from EDGE address bar.

    I was wondering if there is a way to disable all search capabilities from the EDGE address bar. When I type in a valid address, albeit without the http:// and hit enter, EDGE opens a search page using that address. I have the requirement of going to sites that have never been crawled by search...
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    Solved Edge: disable search from address bar

    Windows 10 Edge browser will not go directly to a URL I type into the address bar. It insists on doing a search, adding the string "" in front of the URL I typed. This delivers different results from my original URL. If my address is obsolete I would rather...
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    Storage site for items on address bar

    I have a number of web site names stored on the address bar. But occasionally the list vanishes, and I have to reload it one at a time. I would like to be able to save it separately , so that I might be able to reload it easily. (And also, remember what was on the list!) But I can't find it...
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    Google Chrome social media sites alerts, getting to it

    Google Chrome has some tricks... Facebook and other social sites may offer alerts through Chrome web-browser, I wonder how to get to the settings page of those. What should I input into address bar to get to it? ...this method.