1. M

    I accidentally remove or denied permissions on my pc

    this are my few screenshots i can send more when I tried to access some administrator files or program it wont allow me it causes lag and suddenly pop ups a error that says I can access them so guys if you know anything please help me I need to fix this so I can continue my school works. Tech...
  2. L

    File Explorer Crashing When Right-Clicking

    For the last several months, I've been having issues with my File Explorer crashing on me when I make a right-click of any kind. Until now, I figured I could put a day aside and watch a few tutorials, but it doesn't seem like anyone else has the same exact issue I do. This issue presents itself...
  3. R

    Solved You need permission to make changes

    I suspect that I may have malware on my Windows 10 computer. I use Norton and I updated the definitions and then ran a full system scan, which reported zero “security risks detected”. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit Processor...
  4. GamerBlackAcid

    How to bypass UAC in Windows

    First of all, note that THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU EXECUTE A PROGRAM TO ALL DRIVES EXCEPT C:\. First of all, you should download the ".BAT" file here - (link removed by Administrator) If you are very interested in the command, it is - cmd /min /C "set __COMPAT_LAYER=RUNASINVOKER && start "" "%1"...
  5. D

    Admin account was logged on via remote device

    While I was on my computer last night, I was logged off. It took me to my log in page which has an admin account that’s mine and also a log in option for another account which is also mine and labeled as admin. Under my original admin log in option it said: logged on remotely then it gave a...
  6. S

    windows transfer

    Hey! So to go thru my story real quick , i got a free windows from my school 5 minths ago that i used on my laptop , but i recently bought windows mixed reality and i had to upgrade my pc to windows 10 ( it was windows 7) and i wanted to move my license to my main pc . After day of searching...
  7. D

    Run as Administrator does nothing

    I'm trying to run a software program for viewing a specific type of data from a research program. I'm running windows 10 and the software I'm trying to install (i think) is meant for Windows 8, but possibly Windows 10. The instructions to install the software require that after unpacking the...
  8. D

    Cannot delete game folder no matter what i try

    You need permission from msi\User to delete this folder. I am the admin acount I have full permissions Every possible access listed has full permissions I made an access called "Everyone" gave it full permissions I've restarted Its invincible. i cannot delete this file. no one can. i think...
  9. D

    Need help bypassing UAC on windows 10

    Hi, I am having trouble installing ANY software to my wife's computer. The laptop is a school board issued device and the domain manager has enabled UAC to prevent any malicious software from being downloaded. I am attempting to install drivers for her printer, league of legends (and all of its...
  10. T

    Forgot Administrator Password

    Hi and thanks in advance because I sure hope someone can help me! I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium and I've forgotten my administrator password. I can get in under the guest account but don't have a password reset disc. Is there anyway I can recover my account without having to do a complete...
  11. Bella2021

    C:/ Drive not accessible, Access Denied Windows 10

    Hello, my boyfriend and I are hoping someone can help. His laptop is having serious problems, it could be due to a hacker, or possibly changed administrative settings. Even though he is the administrator, he cannot access his main C drive (Hard drive), he gets this message C:/ Drive not...
  12. A

    Admin password

    I have a toshiba satellite c55 laptop, it's not connected to the internet and I forgot my admin password. My computer isn't giving me any hints, I cannot access my computer:(
  13. J

    Restore data

    In Laptop, I have accidentally deleted my one of administrator account ,please help me in restoring data.?