adobe photoshop

  1. Kav1

    Photoshop suddenly laggy (Graphics processor greyed out)

    Photoshop was working great just a few days ago but suddenly it became a lot slower and harder to work with. But I noticed other problems with my game frame rate dipping but somehow the cpu temperature is around 50C or below when it used to go up to 70C(used to do 50 fps fine but dips down to...
  2. T

    How to install softwares indesign and photoshop from usb

    I just formatted my mac after backing up all the files on a 1 tb external drive. Now, I have tried dragging in couple of softwares, indessign and photoshop into the desktop from the external drive but I am not able to open them. An error message keeps on popping up. Is there any other way to...